My DIY Sun and Star Necklace

One fact about is that I love accessories. I cannot leave the house without a necklace or a bracelet on.

I remember I attended a jewelry making workshop offered by my previous company. I’m also always on the lookout for cute accessories online. I have a box of accessories that I no longer use in my cabinet.

About two weeks ago, I noticed this black chain hanging on our cabinet door. I didn’t know where it came from and it didn’t have a pendant. Then there I saw this necklace that I used to wear but I don’t anymore because the chain has tarnished already.

So what the “crafter” in me did was to take out the sun and star pendants and slipped it to the black chain.

Voila! I love it! I also love that the chain is black so there’s no tarnishing.

I plan to redo my unused accessories. I’ll update you as soon as I finish something. 🙂