To Curl or Not To Curl


I’ve been wanting to have a curly hair for quite some time now. That’s also the reason kung bakit nagpapahaba ako ng hair.

And here’s my ultimate peg:

kathIf you don’t know yet, I’m a Kathryn Bernado fan. Okay, okay. Kathniel fan. Hihi. I really love Kathryn’s curly hair although I know hindi nya talaga pinakulot yun.

Actually, I just want big curls. However, I think I won’t be able to achieve big curls when I go to the salon. I heard if it’s your time to have your hair permed, the curls are small.

So right now, okay na muna ako sa mano-manong pagkulot. 🙂

What do you think? Bagay ba? 😉


Dry Skin Brushing

I first heard about dry body brushing from Frances of Topaz Horizon. Apparently, there’s such a thing as dry brushing and I didn’t know it existed until I read that post.

As the name suggests, it’s brushing your body but your skin has to be dry. You just need a proper brush with firm bristles. My body brush is from Muji. I got it from last year’s Secret Santa because this was in my wishlist.

It’s recommended to do the brushing before you take a shower. You start from your feet and brush upward. Remember to brush toward your heart. It kind of hurts at first but you’ll get used to it if you do it everyday.

What made me decide to try dry brushing are the benefits. Dry brushing helps in the blood circulation, helps release toxins from the body, reduce cellulite, and removes dead skin cells.

I started dry body brushing in December when I received my brush but stopped after one month. Then just last month, I started doing it again. But this time, I also do dry face brushing. I only do face brushing thrice a week or every other day. After my first day of trying face brushing, I noticed that my face is less oily.

Here’s a photo of my brushes. The long-handled brush is the one I use for body brushing. The small one is for my face. I bought that from Daiso for just Php 88. 


To know more about dry body brushing, the right way to do it and the benefits of doing it, here are a few videos for you to watch.

Happy brushing! 🙂


The Return of the Bangs

Happy hump day! How’s your week so far? I got busy with work yesterday and didn’t have time to post.

I just want to share with you my new hairstyle. Those who are my Facebook friends have seen my new look. So I’m sharing it now to the rest of you. 🙂

If you didn’t notice, I had a new hair color. This was my first time to have a hair color and I’ve been planning to get one for so long. And last week, I finally did it!

The day after my hair color, I suddenly thought of trimming my sad bangs. It was just supposed to be side bangs but I wanted something different so I cut it short. And voila!


I’m no newbie when it comes to bangs. I’ve always had bangs since grade school up until high school days. Then when I started working, whenever I’d feel I wanted something different, I’d bring it back.

Here’s another selfie of my bangs.


So what do you think? Please answer the poll below. (May poll talaga?! LOL!).

Happy with Happy Skin

I think it’s been more than a month since I bought my very first Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie.

Before that, I had been reading a lot of good reviews about these new local line of cosmetics created by Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo.

Happy Skin products boast of the best skin-loving ingredients. “All Happy Skin products are infused with special skincare ingredients, such as Japanese tea leaf, cherry blossom, hyaluronic acid, and argan oil, to name a few,” explains Jacqe. “All our key products are sourced and made in Japan because we recognize the importance of skincare in this beauty capital,” she says.

So one day, my best friend texted me saying she was in Shang and was asking for suggestions on what shade of the Shut Up & Kiss Me she should get. She’s really not a make-up person so she asked for my advice. Since she was there already, I asked her to buy one for me also.

Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie shades (Photo grabbed from

Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie shades (Photo grabbed from

I was into red and pink shades the past year so this past time, I want something simple, something nude, and something I could wear during the day. My friend me sent me the photo above and from there, I chose the shade I wanted.

I picked Crushing On You.

Crushing On You

Crushing On You

Each lipstick costs Php 499. For a kuripot like me, it’s pricey. But there was not regret  when I started using it.

The lippie glides on and colors easily. The color is very rich. I think the number of coat will depend on the color you have. Since mine is on the barely there shade, I have to swipe two to three times.

And I love how it looks on my lips. It looks like the natural color of my lips. It looks like I don’t have lipstick on.





Not yet convinced? Here are some of the people who love Happy Skin just like me.

Convinced na? Here are the stores where you can buy Happy Skin products.

Now what color should I get next?

A Lipstick Discovery

Last Sunday, I posted a photo on my Instagram account of the Nichido lipstick swatches.

I’ve been reading a lot of raves about Nichido lipsticks on other blogs. So when I passed by the beauty section of SM department store last Sunday, I just had to see for myself.

And indeed, they were right!

I love that with just one swipe, the lipstick already shows its color. So rich! The swatches above are just one swipe.

There are many colors that I like but I could only get one at that time. I was choosing between the 2nd and 3rd from the bottom colors. And I picked the 2nd from the bottom.


The shade is called Temptation.



And this is me wearing it. One coat pa lang yan and yet, ok na ang coverage. (Pardon the fluffy face. Hihi.)


Two thumbs up, Nichido for your awesome lipsticks! By the way, Nichido Matte lipsticks cost Php 188 only. Another thumbs up for affordability.

I will definitely get more colors next time! 🙂